BOX of RAGE:Daily Rage Comics

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《BOX of RAGE:Daily Rage Comics》是一款运行于pc的应用工具类软件,支持For iPhone。
BOX of RAGE:Daily Rage Comics
3.1 For iphone
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BOX of RAGE:Daily Rage Comics运行环境

支持For iPhone

BOX of RAGE:Daily Rage Comics软件介绍

Rage Comics HD:BOX of RAGE is finally here!With HD support for iPad and Retina Display!UNLIMITED amount of RAGE is coming your way!With daily updates you don't need to worry about not getting your daily dose of rage comics!BOX of Rage has been designed for everyone that likes their daily dose of Rage Comics given them in a user friendly and easy way.This is probably the ONLY Rage Comics reader you will ever need!BOX of RAGE is a great way to read your favorite comics in your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad.This app features ONLY hand selected BEST Rage Comics from around the web!MORE FEATURES INCLUDE:Access all the hottest,recently submitted and top rated comics from all over the Internet.Save your favorite comics and read them even when you're offline.Share your favorite comics with your friends by email.Enjoy your comics without any pesky ads.Get Failsafe bookmark (automatically saves your current position every 2 images browsed) WHY LURK MOAR when you can get it all here!TRY IT OUT NOW!版本 3.5 中的新功能 MAJOR UPDATE-PLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:New App Icon-iOS5.1 Update for new iPad-Retina icon for new iPad-3 Servers to choose from (USA/EUROPE/ASIA) for faster image retrieving.Browse images from Bookmark first,Newest first or with ―More Features‖ from Failsafe first.Submit your creations with the name you want to be shown.Community messages now visible as a screen inside menu,instead of being shown as one of the images from browser.Statistics view for your app usage.FIXED twitter share not working correctly.Completely redesigned the main app screen.Major redesign to the browser UI.Share button now takes its spot on the browser screen instead of the button on the browser toolbar for easier sharing experience.No connection bug should now be resolved.Ability to log of from social networks added as a Reset Button on the Settings menu in app.You can now enable Auto Update with an option from Settings menu in app (updates on fresh launch,not when app is launched from background).New notifications for main app screen as well for browser (update completed,save,share,etc)-Contact option added,you can send me a message directly from the app (so you can notify me about your requests,bugs in app and etc).Bug fixes.
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